360Wellness.io/$DEFIT — Moonshot Hunters: AMA Recap

Brief Description

What is 360Wellness.io

What is DEFIT ($DEFIT)

The Team Behind DEFIT

The rest of the Team:

Problem Solved

  • Make Physical activity affordable and accessible -> addressing it via the innovative Wellness Live Virtual Classes Marketplace.
  • Make physical activity more appealing, fun and rewarding -> addressing it via the DEFIT Gamification and Reward System in-app
  • Security -> Creating a blockchain space to verify and approve transactions in a decentralized and transparent manner.


  • First Mover Advantage: Many other companies also provide digital fitness service to their users, but 360 Wellness is the first to integrate live fitness classes onto the blockchain with $DEFIT.
  • Gamification to allows users to make financial gains while the lose calories
  • Security, Privacy and Efficiency of Payments: In addition to users paying for the services they enjoy in the crypto, the platform also pays Instructors in Crypto. There by widening the acceptance and enhancing the value of $DEFIT overtime.


  • Institutional and Strategic partnerships with The Global Wellness Institute and Zone5 Ventures.
  • Marketing Partnerships with social media influencers to promote the platform globally
  • Strategic partnerships with Celebrity fitness influencers. Getting them to promote the platform as well as have their own NFTs listed on the platform’s market place.
  • Partnerships with sports brands to list their wearable devices and active wears on the platform.
  • Potential partnerships with Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain to cross-chain integration and instant transactions and low gas prices.

360Wellness/$DEFIT in the News

  • Awarded the most Influential Health & Wellness platform at the Fitness and Wellness Conference, Exhibition and awards in Asia in 2020.

Competitive Advantage




Investor Benefits

User Benefits

Instructor/Coach Benefits

  1. Welcome Gift driving acquisition based on their most popular media channel (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The platform grants a % based Token once a company or fitness instructor successfully completes their profile set-up.


  • The LunaPR marketing campaigns and the Web App official Launch.
  • An interactive online roadmap to give the community an opportunity to contribute actively, vote, and comment on features that they feel are most important, as well as suggest new ideas.
  • Integration of Connected wearables integration into the mobile application.
  • Onboarding of all the coaches and influencers
  • Social network plugin that will allow people with the same hobbies to meet and chat on the 360Wellness platform.
  • DEFIT launch on new DEXs, CEXs.
  • Wallet Launch and NFTs.

Marketing Strategies

  • 14 AMAs across different Telegram Platforms in March 2021.
  • The launch of Luna PR — in-house marketing agency.
  • Medium articles
  • Influencer Marketing with Fitness Influencers across various social media platforms especially Youtube.
  • Social Media Guerrilla marketing team and Influencers who blasted 2000 mentions in 1 month, about 40+ giveaways.



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